Refund policy

Refunds & Cancellations Policy

Orders can be canceled or changed within 24 hours from the moment you order. We will charge a restocking fee of 15.00 USD on this cancellation

You cannot get a refund except if you have the following case:

Note: Any refund request after 6 to 8 hours to order collection will not be entertained.

• You do not receive your order at all.

• You received the wrong or damaged product

• It has not been 24 hours since you placed the order! 

• No Refunds or Exchanges on Sale Items: To maintain fairness and transparency, our policy does not allow refunds or exchanges for products bought at a discounted rate.

• Preserving Pricing Integrity: We aim to uphold the value and integrity of our sale prices by adhering to this policy.

• Accountability for Errors In the event of mistakes on our part, we take responsibility and offer a 60% refund of the product's cost, deducting only shipping and necessary expenses incurred. This reflects our commitment to rectifying errors and ensuring customer satisfaction even in such instances.

• Supporting Continued Discounts: Your understanding and adherence to this policy greatly assists us in providing exceptional discounts while sustaining our commitment to quality products.